Lyles Center


Founded in 2003, the Lyles Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurship is a nationally-ranked entrepreneurship center with a successful track record of inspiring students, faculty, alumni, and community leaders to act on ideas that build a prosperous future.

The Lyles Center was formed through a partnership between the university and local entrepreneur Dr. William Lyles. A generous gift from the Lyles Family Foundation funded the dream of a brand new facility, which opened in April of 2006. The continued support of the Coleman Foundation of Chicago gave the Lyles Center the ability to build programs and activities that foster innovation and entrepreneurship throughout the region.

The Lyles Center uses its strategic position to leverage resources from the entire university to assist innovators and entrepreneurs in the development of their ideas into a business. The Lyles Center acts as a bridge for the campus and community, linking resources of both to achieve success in the marketplace. In an effort to achieve these goals the Lyles Center has a wide expanse of programs aimed at four specific entrepreneurship targets: youth, collegiate, university, and community.