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Lowell Neighborhood Fresno Community Partnership - Projects and Ideas

During the first year, class projects included:

  • Faculty from the Kremen School of Education and Human Development mentored Lowell Elementary School students and trained students as conflict peer mediators.
  • Construction Management students provided analysis of neighborhood code violations.
  • MBA students in Finance and Business Law courses provided real estate analysis of existing homes and properties.
  • Social service information, tutoring, and mentoring in the form of internships and a service learning components to a Human Behavior in the Social Environment course are planned in the Department of Social Work Education.
  • An upper division ethnographic fieldwork class in anthropology worked with the Mayor’s Office to develop a new, more inclusive method of conducting Lowell Town Hall meetings.
  • The Theatre Arts Department assisted in the design and construction of street lighting.
  • Construction Management built wheelchair ramps for use by disabled residents.
  • Students from a photography class were worked with a member of the neighborhood association to plan photographic projects in the neighborhood.
  • Lyles College of Engineering Honors students worked with sixteen Lowell Elementary School students to develop their own team to compete in the regional Lego Robotics Tournament.
  • A Public Relations class at Fresno State used the Lowell experience to help their students develop better ways to communicate revitalization efforts to the larger community.

As part of their courses, students submitted various papers, projects and presentations describing their efforts and showing improvements in the Lowell area. Students appeared to have learned more about the complex workings of city government, and how local efforts can lead to progressive, positive change.