Lowell Neighborhood Fresno Community Partnership - Meetings and Events

The Richter Center (CESL) hosted luncheon meetings of current non-profit agencies in Lowell for faculty to attend and connect with agencies where their students could secure service learning hours working in the Lowell area.

The Director of the Office of Institutional Effectiveness (formerly Institutional Research, Assessment and Planning, or IRAP)attended Lowell Neighborhood meetings as needed to serve as a resource and support for faculty in trying to assess and evaluate the work of their students in the courses.

The Fresno Downtown and Community Revitalization Departmentorganized and hosted periodic Lowell Town Hall neighborhood meetings; and invited involved faculty and students to attend and participate in these productive Town Halls held at the Lowell Elementary School. Over time, the Town Hall meetings became more interactive and inclusive, provided an important feedback loop, served to chronicle progress of continuing efforts, and generated good will among all involved.

The Political Science Department provided additional support for a graduate assistant coordinator, and the Associate Provost’s office continued to provide infrastructure support, with the Associate Provost and Chair of Political Science providing leadership for the meetings.

Fresno State hosted the 2010 Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities (CUMU) Conference, held October 24-26, 2010. The agenda included a ‘showcase’ bus tour; nearly forty conference participants toured the Lowell neighborhood, hosted by City Mayor Ashley Swearingen and a number of her department directors. The tour culminated in a presentation at Lowell Elementary where over two dozen city departments, university faculty and community groups presented their work in a poster-session activity.  The conference attendees were able to see first-hand what kind of work was being done as a result of this collaboration.

Notes and Presentations

Presentation: City of Fresno Downtown Revitalization Plan - Lowell Project

Notes from Lowell Community Meeting - April 13, 2010
Hank Delcore, Ph.D., Associate Professor of Anthropology

Presentation: April 13, 2010 Lowell Community Meeting