Community Outreach

The greater Fresno community provides us with many opportunities to explore and examine issues relevant to our purpose.


Study & Practice Series No. 1: The Paradox of Social Justice
Practice and Self-Care
May 23, 2014
California State University, Fresno
Henry Madden Library 2206

This retreat series is an opportunity to participate in caring, critical
discussion of social justice issues and professional practice with
students and professionals in a safe environment of guided self-care
and trust. The series is suitable for students interested in learning how
to integrate their studies with their anticipated professional work and
professionals interested in learning best practices and how to
collaboratively practice community-centered, trusting and transparent
advocacy on social justice issues.

The first seminar in this series will take place May 23, 2014 at Fresno
State and will be facilitated by Kris Clarke, Ph.D, of the Department of
Social Work Education. Tools for Peace, a 501(c)(3) organization
dedicated to strengthening and supporting emotional and social
intelligence as well as academic and professional success, will
participate. The focus of this retreat will be on developing trust and
understanding the impact of stress on our bodies and minds. We will
work on building concrete skills to develop positive connections to
enhance our capacity for kindness, compassion and collaboration.
The seminar will offer a special session on neurodecolonization with
Dr. Michael Yellow Bird of Humboldt State University to better
understand the ways that external and internal colonization has
impacted our minds.