Housing Information

When it comes to housing, Fresno offers many options for new students. Three main options that students have are: 


On-Campus Housing

To apply for on-campus housing. You can contact the University Courtyard at 559-278-2345 or visit the University Courtyard Website. 

If you want to live on campus, it’s a good idea to apply early, as there is often a waiting list, and space is limited. The halls offer double accommodations (two students per room) and offer a limited number of single rooms.  Residents are expected to live in the halls for the full academic year and are required to sign a contract. (Unless you are a Spring only resident).  Before you move in the contract may be broken without penalty for reasons outside of your control – such as refused admission or serious medical problem.  If you qualify to break your contract, you should give a 30-day notice to avoid an administrative charge.  

Once you move in, the contract cannot be broken without penalty unless you withdraw or get married.

Meal plans are available either on a 10 (Gold) or Unlimited (Platinum) meal plan per week. For more information call the Residence Dining Hall at 559-278-3904.  

Off-Campus Housing

There are also many apartments located within walking distance of Fresno State's campus. They can provide a cost-friendly alternative to living on campus. To view all the available apartments and for more information, please visit the Student Involvement Office's website on Off-Campus Housing. 


AAhomestays is a service and website providing listings of host families for international students seeking the homestay experience. They provide detailed listings of properties, profiles of host families, security and the ability to pay rent directly through the website. Please visit their website for more information. AAhomestays.com