Health Insurance

As a condition of your enrollment at California State University, Fresno you will be automatically enrolled in the Fresno State-approved health insurance policy.  You will be automatically charged the health insurance premium in two installments during the academic year.  

  • Fall 2019
    • $610 charge will appear on your cashier's bill for the required health insurance policy
    • Covers: August 9, 2019 - January 8, 2020
  • Spring 2020
    • $840 charge will appear on your bill
    • Covers: January 9, 2020 - August 8, 2020

Your dependents are not covered under this plan. They can purchase individual insurance plans through the following companies:

Those students who have coverage provided by a sponsoring organization, such as the Saudi Arabian Cultural Mission, will not be required to enroll in the Fresno State-approved health insurance plan.  Please purchase travel insurance ONLY for the period that you will be in the United States that is not covered by the effective dates of the policy listed above.

A copy of the health insurance brochure for 2019-202020 may be viewed here.

Health Insurance for Fresno State link:



Health Insurance Basics

  1. Health Insurance is automatically billed to your student account.
  2. Payment can be made at the cashier’s window or online when paying tuition.
  3. You need your Medical ID, NOT your card to go to doctor. If you don’t have your medical ID you can call JCB at 559-490-3661
  4. Aetna no longer mails physical Cards to you, you can log into by entering your Fresno State ID# and date of birth to print/save electronic card.
  5. If it has been 3-4 weeks since you started school and you can’t retrieve your electronic health card online, check with the ISSP office to make sure your name is on the Health Insurance List.
  6. Health Insurance does NOT COVER dental, vision, spouse, or dependents.
  7. The Policy booklet is available on our ISSP website.
  8. If you need any help with reimbursements, what your policy covers, new card, temporary card i.e. You should refer directly to Aetna for all claims/bills questions.
  9. If you use the Fresno State Health Center, save your receipts!! You will have to pay the cost upfront and then you should refer directly to Aetna for claims/bills assistance.
  10. If you get a letter from Aetna asking for Social Security Number or ITIN Number make sure you shed the letter and throw it away. You may get the request up to 3 times, it’s SPAM if you don’t have a SS# just throw it away!
  11. TO DO: After you have a place to live, a local address, Login to your JCB account at to update your address.  The default address is the ISSP office: 5150 N. Maple Ave M/S JA56, Fresno, CA 93740.


Health Insurance for OPT Students 

If you are a recent Fresno State graduate working on OPT, there are other health insurance options available to you. Please visit the link below for more information about health insurance through International Student Insurance. We highly recommend that international students continue to have health care coverage during their stay in the U.S. 

Health Insurance for OPT