F-1 Employment

Workshops are designed for new students and provide information on:

  • Basic information on F-1 student employment option such as CPT, OPT, on-campus employment
  • General eligibilities, benefits, and obligations for each employment option
  • SSN Application

F-1 students must have a work permit through the International Office to work on or off-campus. Once you become a CSU, Fresno student, you can obtain further information regarding the following types of employment at the International Office Online Adviser in Blackboard. Employment workshops are offered throughout the semester.

On-Campus Employment. On-campus employment must be performed on the school’s premises (including on-location commercial firms which provide services for students on campus, such as the school bookstore or cafeteria).

Employment must not exceed 20 hours per week while school is in session. An F-1 student may, however, work on campus more than 20 hours when school is not in session or during the annual vacation, such as Winter or Summer. Approval is granted by the International Office. An F-1 student may not engage in on-campus employment after completing his or her course of study. 

F-2 Guidelines: The F-2 spouse and children of an F-1 student may not accept employment in any capacity.