Once You Are Here

As an international student you will need to review materials in Online Advisor, which can be found on Blackboard.

You are going to need a login and password to connect to the Online Advisor system which you may already have obtained by registering for a Fresno State email account. In case you have not, it is to be noted that getting an email account with Fresno State is mandatory since it is a single sign-on account that is used everywhere in Fresno State's online portal.

To obtain a Fresno State email account, visit Sign Up for your Free Fresno State Email Account Here

For information on how to pay your tuition and fee, visit Accounting Services.

For academic inquiries, you will need to contact your department advising center.


International Student Travel Form - Please fill out this form whenever you are traveling domestically and internationally.


For further inquiries, you may contact ISSP at intlstudentservices@csufresno.edu