• How long are Human Assurance Training certificates valid?

Certificates are valid for 3 years.

  •  Which of the 3 training modules should I complete?

Any of the 3 is fine, but the NIH tutorial is nearly universally-accepted.

  • Are protocol reviews done only at the monthly meetings?

No, reviews are done continuously during the academic semesters. Projects that are not externally funded are reviewed between the first day of class and the last day of class Fall and Spring semesters. Projects that are externally funded (e.g., state funds, federal funds) are also reviewed during Winter and Summer breaks.

 IRB Meeting & Review Deadline Dates

  • Can I see example protocols?

Yes. An example minimal-risk protocol and at-risk protocol are available through the links below. Note that the investigators also submitted, along with these documents, their Human Assurance Training certificates.

Example of Minimal-Risk Protocol

Example of At-Risk Protocol

  •  Are graduate students completing theses or projects required to go through Human Subjects review?

Yes. Theses and projects (if they involve systematic data collection from humans) should go through Human Subjects review. Most of these projects are minimal risk, however, so only need review at the department level.

  • I want to collect data from Fresno State students/staff/faculty/etc., but am not an employee or student at Fresno State. Do I need to go through Fresno State’s Human Subjects review?

No. Only those individuals associated with Fresno State, as an employee or student, are required to go through Fresno State’s Human Subjects review procedures.

Review Checklist