Human Subjects Website Source Documents

As of: February 9, 2007

Below is information and/or links regarding the source documents from which the pdf files are based (as of 2/9/07). Use this file as a basis for making future updates.

Workflow for Creating Accessible PDFs

Be sure that Adobe Acrobat 8 Professional is installed. Information regarding the workflow is available at this link. Creating the source document with semantic (meaningful) structure (such as using h1, h2 for headings instead of just bolding text) will greatly reduce time.

Left Bar Links that go directly to pdf documents:

Make edits to the following source documents, create a pdf, link, and upload the updated document to the website using Contribute. NOTE: Be sure to save the edited source document using the same name as the current version; otherwise, the left bar link will break.

Policy and Procedures (10-2003)

Application procedures

Informed Consent

Investigator Checklist

To Update Form Templates, Sample Informed Consent Form, and Sample Memos:

Navigate to the web page, and download the linked Word version. Make the edits, create a pdf version, link, and upload both updated formats to the Form Templates page using Contribute.

To Update Institutional Review Board (IRB) and IRB Meeting Dates

Make updates directly to the web page using Contribute.



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