Conflict of Interest

Interim Policy

Download 700-U Form | Download Federal Disclosure Form

Conflict of Interest law seeks to minimize the extent to which public employees pursue their own financial interests at the expense of the public interest. The law of conflict of interest sets forth the means by which the collision of public interest with self interest is diminished.

Per the CSU Chancellor’s Office, project directors are required to complete a Statement of Economic Interests form (Form 700-U) for each non-governmental grant received, as well as grant awards from the National Institutes of Health and the National Science Foundation. This policy sets institutional Conflict of Interest standards and practices applicable to Investigators on grants and contracts.

When filing of the Conflict of Interest form is required, PIs must submit forms with the Project Information Form to ORSP prior to submission of the grant application. PIs requesting funds from state, county and city government and most federal agencies (current exceptions: National Institutes of Health and National Science Foundation) are exempt from filing conflict of interest forms.

PIs requesting funding from non-governmental sources must file the one-page California form 700-U. The following link gives a list of private non-profit agencies that have been determined to be EXEMPT by the California Fair Political Practices Commission: PIs applying to federal agencies requiring Financial Conflict of Interest disclosure (e.g. NIH, NSF) must complete the Federal Disclosure form available on the ORSP website.


It is the responsibility of the Principal Investigator of a grant or contract to identify all investigators (as defined above) -- that is, all persons with design, conduct or reporting responsibilities on the grant or contract -- whether or not they are identified in the proposal, grant or contract, and ensure that they follow the provisions of this policy.

It is the responsibility of each Investigator (as defined above) to disclose any changes or newly identified financial conflicts that arise during the course of the funded project. The Office of Human Resources at the university will review and store the originals of all disclosure forms. Copies of such forms will be filed in the submission folder and grant folder if awarded.