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1-22-2016:  Fresno State gets Food Safety Grant

4-7-2016:  Public Health Student, Qian Jia, Awarded 1st Place for Environmental Health Research

4-28-2016:  Health Policy Institute Research Oral Health Inequity in Valley

8-29-2016:  University Secures More Than $42 Million in Grants and Contracts

9-23-2016:  Professor David Lent receives Prestigious Science Award

9-2-2015:  Fresno State Drought Study Seeks Consensus on Water Use

9-3-2015:  NASA Awards 9 Universities Total of $3.6 Million to Create Aerospace Academies Promoting STEM Education

10-13-2015:  Office of Community and Economic Development Awarded $100,000 USDA Grant

10-15-2015:  Report:  Many Youth Disconnected from School, Job

11-28-2015:  Scientific Advancements may help Catch Fossil Thieves