Grants Report September 1-14, 2007

For the past two weeks (Sept. 1-14), the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs announced 11 new grants totaling $1,186,802. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs acknowledges the commitment of the project directors and other faculty and staff who were instrumental in the process, including Sharon Benes, Dianne Dickerson/Millie Byers, Ed Nelson, Chung Hoon Lee, Mary Barakzai, Mechel Paggi, Sharon Brown-Welty, Emil Milevoj/Tom Burns, James Marshall, Xuanning Fu, and Chris Fiorentino.

Title: Characterization of Forages Growing in Saline Drainage Water Reuse Systems
(2-yr award)

Sharon Benes, Project Director Agency: California Dept. of Water Resources
Project director: Sharon Benes
Amount of Award: $247,272
Purpose: To utilize subsurface drainage water for beneficial purposes instead of disposing in an environment harmful to wildlife.
College/School: Agricultural Sciences and Technology/ Plant Science

Title: Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program 2007-08 (Year 3 of 4)

Agency: U.S. Department of Education
Project director: Dianne Dickerson/Millie Byers
Amount of Award: $262,797
Purpose: The Ronald E. McNair Post-Baccalaureate Achievement Program is designed to encourage low-income individuals who are first-generation college students and/or traditionally underrepresented in graduate education to pursue doctoral study.
College/School: Administration/McNair Program

Title: Evaluation of Paradise South

Agency: Weed and Seed Program (Dept. of Defense pass-through funding)
Project director: Ed Nelson
Amount of Award: $20,100
Purpose: To track project’s activities to ensure that strategies are being implemented utilizing data provided by the project.
College/School: Social Sciences/Sociology

Title: Absolute Temperature Sensor

Agency: U.S. Dept. of Defense
Project director: Chung Hoon Lee
Amount of Award: $199,894
Purpose: For the development of single point absolute temperature sensors based on the phase transition of molecules.
College/School: Engineering

Title: Song-Brown Family Nurse Practitioner Program

Song-Brown Family Nurse Practitioner Program Agency: Statewide Health Planning and Development
Project director: Mary Barakzai
Amount of Award: $85,661
Purpose: To employ various personnel in an effort to maintain and/or expand the enrollment level of students for the 2007-08 academic year.
College/School: Health and Human Services/Nursing

Title: Economic Analysis of Spatially Variable Rate Application of Cotton Defoliants (2007)

Agency: Cotton, Inc.
Project director: Mechel Paggi
Amount of Award: $2,000
Purpose: To provide an economic analysis of results from ongoing field trials utilizing alternative cotton defoliant applications.
College/School: Agricultural Sciences and Technology/CATI/CAB

Title: Evaluation of UCSF Medical Education Program

Agency: UC San Francisco
Project director: Sharon Brown-Welty
Amount of Award: $59,088
Purpose: Evaluation of the University of California San Francisco (UCSF) Fresno Medical Education Program, including assistance in preparing a manuscript for publication.
College/School: Kremen School of Education and Human Development/Teacher Recruitment

Title: Central Calif. Small Business Development Center

Agency: UC Merced
Project director: Emil Milevoj/Tom Burns
Amount of Award: $224,100
Purpose: To enhance economic development by helping businesses grow.
College/School: Craig School of Business/University Business Center tower

Title: Central Valley Science Project (NCLB4-2007)

Agency: California Science Project
Project director: James Marshall
Amount of Award: $80,000
Purpose: To conduct a three-week summer institute designed to serve approximately 75 teachers (grades 4-8), focusing on concepts associated with the middle school life science and physical science standards.
College/School: Kremen School of Education and Human Development/Curriculum and Instruction

Title: K-12 School State Standardized Exam

Agency: Millview Elementary School
Project director: Xuanning Fu
Amount of Award: $1,900
Purpose: A diagnostic evaluation study of the standardized state exam so that better remedial or preventative measures can be taken to improve student performance.
College/School: Social Sciences/Sociology

Title: Building Partnerships for a Better California

Agency: California Campus Compact
Project director: Chris Fiorentino
Amount of Award: $3,990
Purpose: To encourage faculty members to develop and offer high quality service-learning courses, each with an intentional assessment component.
College/School: Academic Affairs/Students for Community Service