Grants Report November 1 - 30, 2007

For the past month (Nov. 1-30), the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs announced 10 new grants totaling $1,019,120. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs acknowledges the commitment of the project directors and other faculty and staff who were instrumental in the process, including Martina Granados, Imelda Basurto, Ed Nelson, Anna Hamre, Tom Burns/Emil Milevoj, Ramakrishna Nunna / Peter Kinman, David Andrews,  David Zoldoske, Brian Tsukimura, and Andrew Hoff/Hernan Maldonado.

Title: Supporting Primary Priorities for Research and Development of ManagementBrian Tsukimura
Agency: US Department of Fish and Wildlife Services
Project director: Brian Tsukimura
Amount of Award: $49,999
Purpose: In collaboration with US Fish and Wildlife Services and the Smithsonian Environmental Research Center will develop efficiencies and provide contributions to the primary priority actions for early detection of new populations of Eriocheir, Chinese mitten crab.
College/School: Science and Mathematics/Biology

Title: Upward Bound (Yr 1 of 4)

Agency: US Department of Education
Project director: Martina Granados
Amount of Award: $404,264
Purpose: The Upward Bound Program at California State University, Fresno is designed for low-income, first-generation college bound high school students who have the potential to succeed in college, but whose high school grades and test scores do not reflect that potential. Upward Bound provides assistance to students in acquiring the academic skill development and motivational support through teaching and counseling.
School: Admin/Student Affairs

Title: Support for Fresno Community Chorus
Agency: Fresno Arts Council
Project director: Anna Hamre
Amount of Award: $3,000
Purpose: During Fall 2007 Fresno Community Chorus will produce the Wind in the Willows and Lux Aeterna Concert for children.
School: Arts and Humanities/Music

Title: Firebaugh Children Shall Succeed (Yr. 2 of 3)

Agency: US Department of Health and Human Services
Project director: Imelda Basurto
Amount of Award: $249,997
Purpose: To reduce high risk behaviors, strengthen protective resiliency factors, and develop skills and behaviors leading to healthier lifestyle choices among 25 at-risk participants from the Firebaugh Las Deltas Unified School.
School: Education/Literacy and Early Education

Title: Caruthers Community Survey
Agency: Self-Help Enterprises
Project director: Ed Nelson
Amount of Award: $8,208
Purpose: Conduct door-to-door survey in Caruthers in English and Spanish to determine distribution of household income and other household characteristics such as number of adults and children in household, race, etc.
School: Social Sciences/Sociology

Title: Rural Microenterprise Technology Initiative
Agency: California Consumer Protection Foundation
Project director: Tom Burns/Emil Milevoj
Amount of Award: $35,000
Purpose: To provide access to technology training and Microenterprise development training to low-income Hispanics in order to enhance their opportunities to obtain better jobs and/or create viable small businesses in the Central Valley.
School: Craig School of Business/UBC

WaterTitle:San JoaquinValleyRegional Water Plan
Agency: US Department of Interior/Bureau of Reclamation
Project director: David Zoldoske
Amount of Award: $40,000
Purpose: To provide services for the development of the Regional Water Plan – 8 County Area of Southern San Joaquin Valley.
College/School: Administration/CWI

Title: Advanced Transponder and Advanced Receiver
Agency: Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Project director: Ramakrishna Nunna / Peter Kinman
Amount of Award: $90,372
Purpose: This project will analyze and validate specifications of command, telemetry and radiometric performance parameters for a new class of transponders and specifications of telemetry, Doppler and ranging performance parameters for the receiver.
College/School: Engineering/Electrical Engineering

Title: Program for the Recruitment of Mathematics and Science Teachers (PROMSE)
Agency: National Science Foundation
Project director: David Andrews
Amount of Award: $120,280
Purpose: PROMSE will increase the current Noyce Scholar population at California State University, Fresno of 63 by an additional 30 Scholars. PROMSE will continue to provide a comprehensive early field experience and special summer programs and workshops.
College/School: Science and Mathematics/Biology/SMEC

Title:MESAEngineering Program
Agency:  University of California
Project director: Andrew Hoff/Hernan Maldonado
Amount of Award: $18,000
Purpose: Additional funding for operation of the campus MESA Schools Program (MSP) Center.
College/School: Engineering/MESA Engineering Program