Grants Report June 1 - June 30, 2009

Title: California Construction Contracting Program
Agency: California Community Colleges Chancellor’s Office
Project director: Emil Milevoj/Bryan Moe
Amount of Award: $70,000
Purpose: This program will provide business management and contracting/procurement counseling and training to certified Disadvantaged Business Enterprises.
School: Craig School of Business/Central California Small Business Development Center

Title: Global Learning Opportunities and Business Experience (GLOBE)
Agency: US Department of Education
Project director: Ali Peyvandi/Emil Milevoj
Amount of Award: $87,471
Purpose: The GLOBE project will enrich the globalizing efforts of the Craig School of Business.
School: Craig School of Business/International Business Program

Title: Song-Brown Family Nurse Practitioner Training Program
Agency: Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development
Project director: Mary Barakzai
Amount of Award: $140,022
Purpose: To support a clinical site coordinator whose responsibility is to develop new community-based clinical sites.
School: Health and Human Services/Center for Excellence in Nursing

Title: CalWORKs Specialized Assessment 2008-2009
Agency: Fresno County Department of E&TA
Project director: Charles Arokiasamy/John Lloyd
Amount of Award: $297,727
Purpose: Provide specialized assessment services for referred CalWORKs participants with limited English speaking ability, potential learning disabilities, potential trauma symptoms, and other unique needs, residing in Fresno County.
School: Kremen School of Education/Counseling, Special Ed and Rehabilitation

Title: Salinity Mapping at Red Rock Ranch and Britz Farm – task order 3
Agency: DWR/Westside Resource Conservation District
Project director: Florence Cassel
Amount of Award: $17,215
Purpose: To assess and monitor soil salinity on farms implementing Integrated On-Farm Drainage Management practices through salinity surveys.
School: CAST/CIT


Title: Mechanical Pruning and Yield Monitoring Project
Agency: Oxbo International Corp, Inc.
Project director: Robert Wample
Amount of Award: $13,455
Purpose: To evaluate combination of mechanical pruning and shoot/cluster thinning to replace costly manual vineyard management practices.

Title: Advanced Education Nursing Traineeships
Agency: Health Resources and Service Administration
Project director: Mary Barakzai
Amount of Award: $61,645
Purpose: Enhance expansion of the regional nursing workforce, promote diversity among nursing students and practitioners, and provide culturally competent care to individuals, families and communities in the San Joaquin Valley.
School: Health and Human Services/Center for Excellence in Nursing

Title: Low Cost and Environmentally Complaint On-Site Dairy Manure Management Composting Tech.
Agency: Engineered Composed Systems (USDA SBIR sub)
Project director: Ganesan Srinivasan
Amount of Award: $29,967.50
Purpose: To conduct composting trials at Fresno State farm which operates a teaching dairy and an associated waste management facility.
School: CAST/Ag Operations

Title: Culturally Competent Practice in School Psychology
Agency: Department of Education
Project director: Marilyn Wilson
Amount of Award: $188,692
Purpose: For training of psychology student in the school psychology field.
School: Science and Mathematics/Psychology