Grants Report: April 1 - April 30, 2009

Title: Job Retention Project (STEAD)
Agency: County of Fresno
Project director: Dottie Barnes/Charles Arokiasamy
Amount of Award: $309,961
Purpose: For the STEAD Job Retention services for referred CALWORKs and eligible post-aid participants that are employed either part-time and full-time.
School: Kremen School of Education/Counseling, Special Education & Rehabilitation

Title: Standards for Block Configuration Airborne GPS Controlled Photogrammetry
Agency: State of California, Department of Transportation
Project director: Riadh Munjy/Mushtaq Hussain
Amount of Award: $199,617
Purpose: To carry out a comprehensive study of impact of various block parameters that effects the accuracy of aerial triangulation results.
School: Engineering/Civil Geomatic Engineering

Title: Teaching American History
Agency: Clovis Unified School District
Project director: Melissa Jordine
Amount of Award: $12,334
Purpose: The History Project at Fresno State will provide monthly two-hour seminars which will include a presentation by a history scholar and a lesson plan for teachers in region VII.
School: Social Sciences/History

Title: Partnership in Character Education 2008
Agency: Fresno Unified School District
Project director: Jacques Benninga
Amount of Award: $115,786
Purpose: Provide staff development opportunities in character education for all school site personnel, conduct monthly ethics discussions and meet with representatives of each participating school to institutionalize peer mediation.
School: Kremen School of Education/Bonner Center

Title: Control of cavity spot in a disease nursery
Agency: California Fresh Carrot Advisory Board
Project director: James Farrar
Amount of Award: $24,372
Purpose: To evaluate cavity spot in solarized and treated control plots.
School: CAST/Plant Science

Title: College Opportunity
Agency: Stuart Foundation
Project director: Cheri Cruz
Amount of Award: $80,000
Purpose: An initiative to build a college going culture and improve post secondary access in Central Valley.
School: Administration/Central Valley Higher Education Consortium

Title: PTTP-FCOE Consortium 2007-2008
Agency: Fresno County Office of Education
Project director: Steve Price
Amount of Award: $306,805
Purpose: To operate the Paraprofessional Teacher Training Program.
School: Kremen School of Education/Office of Teacher Recruitment