Student Welfare

Student Well-being at Fresno State

Fresno State also promotes your well-being and health. The campus offers students, faculty, and staff an array of services and programs in this area.

Fresno State Police Department: The FSPD is committed to providing a safe and secure living, learning and working environment for you. From patrol operations to the Ride Along program, and safety escorts, you may access their many services through the link above or by calling them at559.278.8400.

Student Health and Counseling Center: The staff at the Student Health and Counseling Center encourage the maintenance of healthy lifestyles, and provide affordable and accessible health and psychological care. Their mission is to and promote your academic and personal success at Fresno State.  For further information, you may call 559.278.2734.

Student Recreation Center: Whether you are into intramural sports, fitness classes, or racquetball, the department of Rec Sports & Fitness at Fresno State has you covered. Get healthy and active by joining one of the many extracurricular activity options. For further information, you may call 559.347.3830.

Food Security Project: If you worry about where your next meal is coming from, or know another student who does, please contact the Student Cupboard. You may reach them through the link above or by calling them at 559.278.0866.

Fresno State Programs for Children (Early Education and Care Services): Fresno State Programs for Children is a comprehensive early care and education program offering services for children between the ages of 3 months and 12 years. Composed of three separate centers, Programs for Children provide services primarily to the children of Fresno State’s student body. Eligibility requirements apply, so please contact them at 559.278.0225 for further information.

Confidential Advocacy Services: The campus advocate provides confidential support services, academic accommodations, medical, police and court accompaniment and on- and off-campus referrals to individuals impacted by sexual violence, dating/domestic violence, sexual harassment and/or stalking. The confidential advocate will not direct or discourage the student from any course of action but will provide a safe space to discuss their options and support any decision the student makes.  The campus Victim Advocate is located in the Student Health Center. Confidential advocacy services are available 24 hours a day by calling 559.278.6796 (option 2 or 3 for after hour assistance) or at

Dream Outreach and Success Centers: The Dream Centers are committed to empowering students through a welcoming and supportive environment. Assistance is provided to support student access and retention through to graduation. Please contact Raul Moreno at 559.278.5750 for more information about the Dream Outreach Center and Gabriela Encinas at 559.278.1554 for more information about the Dream Success Center or visit their website.