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Welcome to the Graduate Statistics Studio

The graduate statistics studio provides research and statistical consulting to all graduate students. We are able to meet with students here on campus or online (via ZOOM).

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Hours & Contact Information:

Open Hours:

Monday - Thursday 8:00 A.M. to 7:00 P.M.

Friday 8:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M.

Drop in Hours every Friday morning 8:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M.

Location: Henry Madden Library, Graduate Study Center (Second Floor), Room 2120 (Click here for a Map)


Phone: 559-278-2451

We're Hiring! - The Graduate Statistics Studio is hiring a Graduate Statistics Consultant!

Graduate Statistics Consultants work one-on-one with master's and doctoral students, assisting them in the application of statistical methods. Consultants explain and clarify statistical concepts, and provide support with the creation, import, and cleaning of data. To accomplish this, graduate statistics consultants are trained in effective learning facilitation approaches, and are required to attend training sessions, shadow other consultants, and participate in Studio meetings regularly.

For more information about the job, see the full position description and the application instructions.

Deadline to apply is December 14, 2016!

Workshops (All workshop times are at 10:00 AM to 11:00 AM):

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Mock Data for Workshops.

Location: Henry Madden Library, Graduate Study Center, Room 2119

Title Date Program Description

An Analysis of Variance (ANOVA)

Feb 2

Feb 16

SPSS Intermediate: This workshop will cover the ANOVA in SPSS. We will cover when to use an ANOVA, how to run the test, and how to interpret the output for the test.
A Simple Look at Simple Regression

Feb 9

Feb 23

SPSS Intermediate: This workshop will cover the simple regression in SPSS. We will cover when to use a simple regression, how to run the test, and how to interpret the output for the test. 


Appointment Information:

In Person Appointments:

All scheduled in-person appointments are held in the Henry Madden Library, Second Floor, Room 2120. Each appointment is held in our private office, and will last 50 minutes. 

Drop-in Appointments:

Every hour the Graduate Statistics Studio is open may be considered a "drop-in" time.  Students often do not use all 50 minutes of a session, and there are occasionally students who fail to show up for scheduled appointments.  If the Graduate Statistics Studio door is open (i.e., the "Consultation in Progress" sign is not posted), students are welcome to "drop-in" on the consultant; even if it's only for 15 minutes, it could be time well-spent.

Virtual Appointments: ZOOM


Zoom is an online meeting and conferencing platform that allows for audio, video, and screen sharing.  It is an easy to use and high quality solution for those students who, due to distance and time constraints, are unable to physically meet with statistics consultants.  If you would like more information about Zoom, please visit their website:

In the Graduate Statistics Studio, we are utilizing Zoom for one-on-one statistics consultations.  We are implementing “Zoom only” and “Zoom hybrid” sessions.  “Zoom only” sessions use the audio, video, and screen sharing features.  “Zoom hybrid” sessions use the screen sharing features of Zoom along with audio via a traditional phone line. The hybrid session accommodates students who may not have a microphone-enabled computer.  In this instance, the consultant will invite the student to the on-line Zoom meeting and will also call the student on the phone. 

GSS Open Hours

Every Friday from 9:00 AM to 11:00 AM the Graduate Statistics Studio will have hours open to everyone. No need to make an appointment, so just come on in!

 Meet the Staff:


 photo of Hope

Hope is in her second year of the General Experimental Psychology MA program. Her research interests are in personality assessment, interpersonal relationships, and romantic attraction. She graduated from Fresno State in 2015 with her Bachelors of Psychology. When she's not busy with school you can find her painting and or baking. 


photo of RachelRachel Nguyen is an international student from Hochiminh city, Vietnam. She’s currently in her second year of the Curriculum and Instruction MA program. She graduated from RMIT University Vietnam in 2013 with a Bachelor in Business. She taught English as a second language for two years in Vietnam. Before that, she worked in a consulting firm in Advertising and Market research. She loves to work with students and wants to contribute to their future success. Her research interest varies from mathematics education in problem-solving, educational program evaluation, cognitive development in classroom and educational technology in teaching and learning. Rachel loves traveling to other countries and loves sashimi and sushi.


Video Resources:

SPSS Videos


Starting SPSS

1.Starting out in SPSS

2. Opening a data file

3. Three different file types

4. What is a Syntax?

5. The two views in the data file


6. Manual creation of data in SPSS

7.Manual data input in EXCEL 


8. Import data from Excel


9. Missing data

10. Recode variables

11. Compute dummy variables 

12. Compute an average of variables

13. Standardize variables / compute Z-values

14.Reverse coding of Variables


15. Selecting cases - Overview 


15a.Selecting Cases - Step 1 Defining Criteria 

15b. Selecting Cases - Step 2 Output

16. Merging data sets - Overview 

17.  Merging data sets - adding cases

18. Merging data sets - adding variables


All T-Test

One Sample T-Test

Independent Sample T-Test

Paired Sample T-Test




Additional Resources

Bar Chart 

Pie Chart

Creating a Histogram



*Please use the Data Set Document (Excel) to understand following videos.  


 Before you start, please make sure you see the videos and update your settings in Excel. 

 Add-Ons Instructions


Calculating N

*Calculating N PDF


Calculating Percentages 

*Calculating Percentages PDF


Creating Graphs

*Creating Graphs PDF


 Calculating Standard Deviations 

*Calculating Standard Deviations PDF


Calculating Correlations

*Calculating Correlations PDF 


Calculating Independent T-Test

*Calculating Independent T-Test PDF


Calculating Dependent T-Test

*Calculating Dependent T-Test PDF


Calculating One-Way ANOVA

*Calculating One-Way ANOVA PDF

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