Henry Madden Library

Library Services

In-person and Online Services 

The Henry Madden Library is dedicated to supporting Graduate Students and their faculty. Each graduate program has its own subject librarian who is available in person, online through email, ZOOM, or other chat services. Other valuable services include: 

The library also offers support for distance education (online programs) and Do It Yourself (DYI) tools. 

To help you navigate the many resources available, Henry Madden Library offers dedicated subject librarians. Experts in the ins-and-outs of library resources for the different subject areas of academic research, subject librarians can help you with information searches, the use of databases, how to access the various materials available to Fresno State students, the use of Endnote, as well as a number of other Library services, collections, and policies.

Through Henry Madden Library, you may also access a number of partner libraries from which to borrow materials not directly accessible here.