STRINGS Peer Mentorship 

  Fresno State's First Multidisciplinary, Graduate-Level Peer Mentorship Program 

STRINGS Peer Mentorship

The STRINGS Peer Mentorship is an eight-month program focused on developing a sense of belonging for incoming graduate students who were recently admitted to the 2019 (Spring and Fall) cohort of the Successful Transition into Graduate School (STRINGS). 


About the Program

By promoting a welcoming space, where effective dialogue would be encouraged, the mentors will have the opportunity to share their first year of graduate school experiences with their mentees. This will provide the mentees with a better understanding of what to expect as they undertake their journey as graduate students at Fresno State.


The purpose of the STRINGS Peer Mentorship is to provide additional support for Fresno State graduate students, create for them a sense of belonging, and increase their retention rate.


Peer mentees will be required to:

  • attend an informative two-hour session with mentors scheduled for February 15, 2019 to be held at 5:00 p.m. - 7:00 p.m.

  • participate in two mandatory meetings (September 6 and December 6, 2019, both 5:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m.)  with the program facilitator and mentors.

  • meet with their assigned mentor once a month (minimum requirement) at their convenience during the fall and spring academic semesters.

Impacts of Mentorship Program 

A peer mentor can:

  • welcome a graduate student and help them establish themselves within the on-campus community.

  • share valuable information on program policies and masters program overview.

  • educate his/her mentee(s) about networking with faculties who have common interests aligned with theirs, especially to those graduate students who are thinking of conducting a research project or thesis.

  • share information about the resources available on-campus for new graduate students (Writing and Statistic Studios, Student Success Workshop Series, etc).

  • provide support in answering questions that mentees often feel reluctant or too diffident to ask faculty member.  

Our Participants

Mentor: "I would like to give back to my fellow students. One of the reasons I was able to survive the MBA program is because I had a buddy who went through the program before me telling me what classes to take together and what ones to avoid taking together unless I wanted a really difficult semester. I wanted to be able to apply my knowledge from the MBA program with my life experience to help someone become more successful than myself."       

Mentor: "I would like to participate in the STRINGS Peer Mentorship Program because I want to pass down knowledge that I would have liked for someone to give me when I began my Master's program at Fresno State.....Being a part of this mentorship program I am able to grow as an individual and also obtain support from my mentee because it goes both ways."     

Mentee: "If I'm going to be completely honest I still feel isolated in my program. Im constantly battling feeling like I don't belong as everyone else around me seems so more advanced then I am. This doesn't mean I'm not trying but having a personal friend or mentor who understands where I am will hopefully keep me fighting harder...."