What forms must I have filed with the Graduate Office and/or my department?
  • An approved Advancement to Candidacy form, with the program indication of Thesis 299 for the Culminating Experience. Note: Your thesis time limit will be the program time limit date located on the upper right corner of the Advancement to Candidacy form.
  • A Thesis Committee Assignment form, with your general topic and signatures of your chosen committee members and your program adviser. Normally, this form is forwarded to the Graduate Office via the college or school dean's office.

What paperwork must I file while doing my thesis work?

  • Registration form(s). You must be enrolled at the university during all fall and spring semesters when you are working on your thesis; if you plan to graduate during the summer, you must also be enrolled for that particular term.

    • When first registering for 2-6 thesis units, go to your department graduate adviser to verify your eligibility and obtain the thesis schedule number prior to the first day of registration.
    • Don't forget! Be sure you're registered during the semester/term when you are applying for graduation! (Summer applicants, please note.)
What additional paperwork must I file when I have reached the semester when I expect to turn in my thesis and want to graduate?
  • Application for Degree to be Granted. This form must be filed during the first two weeks of the semester (three weeks, summer term) when you intend to graduate. Check posted deadlines on our Web site. The form will be available in our office and on our Web site about two weeks before the start of each semester.
What material do I need in order to format my thesis?
  • Guidelines for Thesis Preparation, prepared by the Dissertation/Thesis Office, available at no cost from the DTO Web site (
  • Style manual or style sheet chosen by your department (e.g., APA, Turabian, MLA, CBE, J. of Anal. Chem., etc.—consult Appendix D in the Guidelines for Thesis Preparation).
  • Formatting instructions (i.e., thesis template) from the DTO Web site. The thesis templates are discipline-specific and support MSWord for either the Mac or PC.


How should I deliver my final submission?
  • See "Dissertation/Thesis Submission and Review Procedures."
When is my final publication copy due?
  • See "Dissertation/Thesis Submission and Review Procedures."
What general Graduate Office forms must I turn in to the Graduate Office by the end of the semester, in order to graduate?
  • Graduate Degree Clearance. This form should be given to your thesis committee chair, who will report the committee's grade for your thesis work. The form then goes on to your graduate adviser, who reviews your complete file for compliance with degree requirements, signs off on the form, and (where required) forwards this to the college or school dean for signature. This form may be filed whenever your committee feels it is ready to award a grade; the process is not contingent upon Graduate Office review of the thesis, which is handled separately.
What thesis paperwork must be submitted to the DTO before I can graduate?
  • Laser-printed publication copy of thesis. Your thesis committee members will need to sign the publication copy approval page (see Guidelines example) in black ink. The Graduate Dean will sign this page as soon as the thesis has met publication standards.
  • Copyright permission forms. Submit all forms granting you permission to publish material you have reproduced in your thesis that is taken from copyrighted sources.
  • After final thesis review and approval, take your publication copy to the Kennel Print and Copy Center and order at least two additional copies on archive-quality paper for the Henry Madden Library and for your department. (Note: Several programs do not require copies: Animal Science, Chemistry, Engineering, English, Geology, Linguistics, Nursing, Public Health, and Social Work Education.) You may purchase additional archive-quality theses for your personal use.
  • Fee slip. Pay for your copying at the Kennel Print and Copy Center. Next, go to the University cashier's window in Joyal to pay for bindings and other ancillary fees detailed on the "Thesis Fees" form. Return this form to the Graduate Office for final thesis clearance.
How can I make my thesis widely available?
  • University Microfilms Int'l. (UMI)/ProQuest form (optional). Usually, this form is filled out when you turn in the final thesis submission. If you wish to copyright your thesis, you will need to fill out and sign the copyright authorization portion of the UMI form and pay the UMI copyright fee when paying other fees at the University Cashier.

  • CSU, Fresno Digital Scholar (optional). The final page of the thesis template is a "non-exclusive distribution license" that authorizes the Madden Library to include your thesis in e-Collections, an electronic repository of theses and dissertations accessible via the World Wide Web. To have your thesis included in this repository, complete the form by printing and signing your name and including the date.


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