Final Submission Review

The final submission of the thesis must meet the five listed requirements detailed on the " Requirements for Final Dissertation/Thesis Submissions".

For guaranteed review of your thesis in order to meet Summer 2014 graduation criteria, you must upload your document to your personal review folio in Blackboard on or before

June 16, 2014.

Documents submitted by the above deadline are assured of review and processing in time for clearing the culminating experience portion of your degree, barring any major difficulties. Submissions are reviewed in the order received for general format; overall organization and consistency of layout; grammar, syntax, and spelling; correct documentation techniques and plagiarism; bibliographic format (per committee selection); table and figure format; and direct quotation format.

If it becomes apparent that there are too many errors in any one of the above areas, you and your committee will be notified via email that your document is being returned for correction and revision before any further processing.

Publication Copy Review

After the initial review, each student will be notified of his or her personal deadline for submitting the revised publication copy. Usually, this date is set for two weeks from the date when the initial submission is returned to the student via the personal review folio in Blackboard. Once all required revisions have been made (this often requires more than one resubmission), you will be given permission to laser print your publication copy (regular copy paper is okay) and secure final signatures (preferably in black ink) of all committee members on the approval page. Be sure to arrange for these signatures well before the end of the semester.

After final approval of the printed copy, you will receive a "Golden Ticket," which allows you to purchase archive-quality copies at the Kennel Print and Copy Center. I highly recommend having copies made at the campus copy center. The binding and other processing fees are paid at the university cashier's window in Joyal and are detailed on a separate "Thesis Fees" form. After payment, you must return this form to the DTO for final clearance. The deadline for this final payment for thesis students is August 8, 2014.


Please call the DTO if you have procedural questions or if you need help on formatting. There are many different resources available to assist you in the completion of your culminating experience.

Chuck Radke
Dissertation/Thesis Consultant
Phone: (559) 278-2448