Meet the GWS Staff

Fall 2015

William AndersonWilliam Anderson is a recent graduate of Fresno State where he received a Master of Arts in English Literature and a Certificate of Advanced Study in Composition. His work was focused on early Northern European literature. As well as serving as a GWS staff member, he is an adjunct English teacher at a local community college. He has been an entertainer/guitarist/singer/songwriter for the past 35 years.

Eryn Baldrica-Guy

Eryn Baldrica-Guy is working on her M.A. in Literature at Fresno State. In addition to consulting at the Graduate Writing Studio, Eryn tutors in the Learning Center and teaches with the First-Year Writing Program. She enjoys reading and traveling.




Robin Chang


Robin Chang is an MFA student in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Fiction. She recently received her Bachelor of Arts in both Asian American Studies and Asian Humanities at UCLA, and has been slowly trekking upstate ever since. She is interested in speculative fiction, reinterpretations of canon, and expanding her understanding of genres.



Erin Chausse


Erin Chausse  is a second-year Literature student. She teaches at a local community college and has been working at the Graduate Writing Studio for over a year. She loves to travel, eat, read, and learn new things.




Ronald Dzerigian

Ronald Dzerigian is currently working on his MFA in Creative Writing with an emphasis in Poetry. He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Fine Art in 2002 from Fresno State. After living in New York and Los Angeles for a little over a decade, he has returned to Fresno to finally fulfill his childhood dream of attending the Creative Writing Program at Fresno State, from which so many of his favorite writers have emerged.




Toini Hiipakka


Toini Hiipakka  is a third-year student in the Master of Arts program for History at Fresno State.  She received her Bachelor of Arts in History from Fresno State in 2011, and completed the Single Subject Credential Program in 2013.  She loves California history, creative writing and the fine arts.  She is currently researching water development in Fresno County during the twentieth century.




Katy HogueKaty Hogue is a second year student in the Master of Arts in History program. She returned to school in 2012 after a six year break in retail land and received her Bachelor of Arts in History from Fresno State in 2014.  She loves nineteenth-century American and early modern World History.  Her research is focused on an American diamond mining rush centered in San Francisco in 1872. She is currently working on various local history exhibits in conjunction with the Fresno State Historical Society.



Sean Kinneen



Sean Kinneen is in his third year in the MFA program here at Fresno State with an emphasis in poetry, though he loves writing in all the other "genres," and in fact just plain loves writing.




Debbie Neufeld

Debbie Neufeld graduated from the Kremen School of Education at Fresno State with a Master of Arts in Curriculum and Instruction. She also completed a Certificate of Advanced Study in Educational Technology. After working in the Graduate Writing Studio for two years as a graduate assistant, she returned to the studio in a staff role. She works on various program aspects related to the Writing Studio in addition to meeting with students.  


Photo of Chuck RadkeChuck Radke is the Dissertation and Thesis Consultant at Fresno State, along with coordinating the services of the Fresno State Graduate Writing Studio. Chuck has a Bachelor of Arts in English from UCLA, a Master of Arts in English from Fresno State, and a Master of Fine Arts from Florida International University.




Paul Sanchez


Paul Sanchez is currently a first-year graduate student in the MA Literature program at Fresno State.  He tries really hard to be clever and witty but, he rarely ever is.




 Scott Trippel

 Scott Trippel received his B.A. in Literature from the University of California, Santa Cruz where he tutored students in academic writing.  He is currently pursuing his M.A. in Education with the Higher Education, Administration, and Leadership (HEAL) option.  Scott has recently returned to California after teaching in South Korea where he served as the head instructor of his English academy.