In recent years, support for graduate students at our university has totaled nearly $10 million per year. This includes government loans, assistantships, scholarships and grants, fee waivers, and veterans benefits. The following summarizes some of the main features of our financial assistance offerings.

Financial Aid Verification

Continuing master’s degree students needing letters of “Verification of Postbaccalaureate Standing for Financial Aid” should see graduate evaluator Georgette Mello, in the Division of Graduate Studies.

New students, see the Office of University Admissions – Graduate/Postbaccalaureate, Joyal Room 121.

Note: Students in undeclared status may also receive financial aid, if enrolled in prerequisite courses leading to a master’s degree. In such cases, graduate coordinators will be asked to write a letter of support to the Division of Graduate Studies listing all prerequisite coursework, before verification can be granted.

We recommend these on-campus financial assistance information sources:

Financial Aid Office


DGS Financial Aid

DGS E-Pub: Financial Assistance for the Graduate Student