Academic Overload

The maximum allowable load is 16 units for full-time master’s degree students, when one or more courses in the 200 series are included. Requests for exceptions to this policy must be addressed to the Graduate Division on a Graduate Student Petition for Academic Overload during the first two weeks of the semester. Students employed full time may take a maximum of 6 units. The Summer Session Catalog defines the maximum allowable units during the summer session ( see the General Catalog).

Course Validation

Course validation determines subject currency in outdated (older than five years) coursework. A maximum of one-third of the courses listed on the student’s approved “ Petition of Advancement to Candidacy” may be validated. Validation methods are determined individually for each course by the instructor of record. “Recommendation for Course Validation” form.

  • Coursework can only be validated when both the instructor of the course and the graduate coordinator have approved the validation method.
  • The final day of the term in which the student applies to graduate.

Students should pick up the “Recommendation for Course Validation” form from the Division of Graduate Studies; meet with the instructor of the outdated course, or if no longer present, meet with the current instructor to determine the method of validation; obtain the instructor’s and graduate coordinator’s signatures; and return the form to the Division of Graduate Studies Office.

Advising Tips

Only courses taken at California State University, Fresno may be validated.