In addition to the Quick Facts pages of this section you may find it useful to print a complete list of our graduate degree programs and their criteria, for reference. The criteria includes: program deadlines, GPA, desired standardized test scores, additional application, letters of recommendation, and criteria for selection. Also, some programs have an earlier application deadline than the university and/or admit students only in the fall semester of each academic year.

The criteria for all of our graduate programs is included in the following documents for domestic and international students. Full information on each program, including coursework, is listed in the online General Catalog.

Graduate Program Coordinators
If you have questions regarding any of the criteria listed on these documents, you should contact the Graduate Program Coordinator/Director, or the department office. Use the submenu on the left to go to lists of coordinators.
Office of International Student Services and Programs
International students should contact International Student Services for more requirements.