Steve Zook, MA in Mathematics

What has been your Fresno State Experience? Steve Zook

My Fresno State experience has been one I have enjoyed - one in which I have been challenged and been able to identify areas of needed growth but also one through which I have been able to recognize my abilities and strengths.

How did you make your Grad School Decision?

There were a variety of factors that influenced my decision. After visiting other schools, I felt that Fresno State would be the best fit for me and the best choice for my family.

What are your plans after you finish your program?

I am currently teaching at the high school level. I plan on continuing in education and hope to ultimately find a position teaching at a community college.

How do you balance classes, workload, job and your social life.

My most important personal relationship is the one with my wife. As I make that a priority, I am able to fit my responsibilities around that. I attempt to keep my responsibilities separate. I try to be intentional with my time - whether that be educationally, professionally, or socially.

What tips do you have for prospective students?

It may seem overwhelming at first. But as you take the first step you find that it's not so difficult to take the next.

Steve Zook