Soua Xiong, MS in Counseling

What has been your Fresno State Experience? Soua Xiong

As an undergrad and now a first semester grad student here Fresno State, I have had an amazing college experience so far. I have had the wonderful opportunity to work on campus for a student services program (College Assistance Migrant Program) for numerous years, participated in several research-based programs (McNair, Pre-Doc, Grad Equity Fellowship), and have also participated in numerous on-campus student volunteer organizations (Fresno State Leadership Council, USU Board of Directors, Migrant Student Alliance, etc.). Through these opportunities and experiences at Fresno State, I have gained valuable first hand work experience working with college students and have gained practical leadership skills. In addition, the research opportunities have helped to developed me as a future leading scholar and researcher in my field of study. I plan to pursue a doctoral degree with an emphasis in Higher Education and upon graduation return to the Central Valley to assist students in pursuing and completing a higher education.

How are the students in your program?

We all come from different backgrounds and have unique experiences that we bring to the program personable.

The students in my program are very nice and helpful. A couple of us have two classes together and so we are able help out each other when necessary.

What is the benefit of attending Fresno State?

The professors are very personable and student-oriented. My professors know me by name.

What are your plans after you finish your program?

How do you balance classes, workload, job and social life?

I balance classes, workload, a job, and social life by having a good time management system. I work during the day, classes and studying during the evening and nighttime, and my social life spread throughout the weekdays and weekends. To help me stay organized and keep track of everything I use a calendaring system through Google (Google Calendar). I love Google Calendar! It helps me to visualize my work, class, extra-curricular activity schedules as well as my other priorities so that I can schedule enough time for the things I have to complete.

How are you funding your graduate programs?

I am funding my graduate education through financial assistance from the State University Grant and the Graduate Equity Fellowship Program.

What tips do you have for prospective students?

To take advantage of all the opportunities that Fresno State has to offer whether they are regarding your academics, research, or extracurricular activities.