Michael Wesson, MS in Civil Engineering

What has been your Fresno State Experience? Michael Wesson

My experience at Fresno State has been extremely valuable. I have learned a lot both inside and outside the classroom. The time I spent working in the structures lab was probably the most memorable and rewarding experience during the six years I've been attending Fresno State.

How did you make your Grad School Decision?

I decided to pursue my master's degree during my last year as an undergraduate at Fresno State when I realized how much I enjoyed learning and how it could open up so many more doors.

Why did you choose Fresno State?

The decision to attend Fresno State for graduate school was quite difficult. In the end it was the research opportunity that I was given by my current advisor, Dr. Attard, which eventually persuaded me to stay in Fresno for my M.S.

What is the benefit of attending Fresno State?

One major benefit that Fresno State has over many other universities is the one-on-one time that you have with the professors. Attending Fresno State also means that you live right in the heart of California. You have the Sierra Nevada on one side and the Pacific Ocean on the other.

Michale Wesson