Luisa Custodio Lopes, MA in Education

How are the classes? Luisa Lopes

Most of the classes were challenging but beneficial. Some, I felt, could have been more applicable but were enjoyable none the less. All of the courses pushed me out of my comfort zone and enhanced my learning.

How do you balance classes, workload, job and social life?

I balanced classes, workload, job and social life very carefully and one day at a time. When my children were at soccer practice, catechism, gymnastics, etc., I would do most of my reading while I waited for them. Sometimes I would take them to "playlands" and work on assignments while they were entertained. There were very few free moments and at times being in the graduate program was very stressful especially towards the end of the semesters when the major projects were due.

Why is faculty important in your graduate program?

The faculty was so helpful in the graduate program. If we had logistical questions the professors were unable to answer they would make sure to direct us to someone who could help. Receiving emails informing us of what step we were on in this whole process was also helpful. Ms. Patricia Rude was especially helpful and very courteous whenever I called with a question or concern. We even had professors picking up books for the cohort so we wouldn't have to drive all the way to campus to get them.

What tips do you have for prospective students?

Being in a graduate program is as scary and painstaking as it sounds but it can be done even for a forty year old with a full time job and a family to support and once you have achieved such a goal there is a feeling of pride and accomplishment that makes it all worth it.

Luisa Lopes