Fida Taha, MS in Counseling

How did you make your Grad School Decision? Fida Taha

It was a backup plan to attend graduate school at Fresno State because I had plans to go to school out of the country, but plans did not get followed through. Nevertheless, I had talked to some professors about graduate school and they were very supportive. I had also visited the Division of Graduate Studies Office and they provided me with a list of the offered graduate programs, along with the requirements of each and the contact person. Because I was a communication major with psychology minor, counseling was on my mind, and it was offered at Fresno State. Therefore, I applied and was accepted.

How are the students in your program?

Students are from different ethnic groups, educational backgrounds, career experiences, as well as they are of different age groups. Students are able to share their experiences when appropriate. Also, students at the graduate level work as a team not in a competitive manner. I have worked with many students and learned from them.

How do you balance classes, workload, job and social life?

Time Management is the key. But, having supportive family and understanding faculty, things can be more manageable. However, prioritizing is very essential. To maintain my academic standing, I had to cut back a little on social life as well as a little on the workload, but not to delete it all together because they are all important and go hand in hand for the well being of the student.

How are you funding your graduate program?

I have been receiving financial aid (grants); I have applied for a fellowship (grant) and received it. I have also been working and careful on my spending. And definitely living at home has been a great asset for me to not have to worry about rent or payments.

What tips do you have for prospective students?

  • Attend orientations.
  • Ask questions!
  • Form and maintain healthy relationships with faculty and students.
  • Manage your time.
  • Attend classes and participate--listen and share, learn and teach.
  • Get involved outside of class and in the community.
  • Don't give up!!