Dan McCoy, MBA

How did you make your Grad School Decision? Dan McCoy

I was looking for a good quality, working professional program that would allow me to get my feet wet in business and apply what I was learning at the same time. I evaluated schools based on the quality of the education and also the price. I looked for schools with a good return on investment.

How do you balance classes, workload, job and your social life.

That can be very difficult, especially having moved here, gotten my job and bought a house all within the last year. I just dedicate time on the weekends and at night to studying for classes. I typically have some free time on the weekends for family time. Finals time can get a little hectic though.

Why is faculty important in your graduate program?

Especially in an MBA program, the experience of your teachers is what bridges the gap between theory and practice. Anyone can teach you the technical points, but only someone who has used it themselves, tried and failed a few times, can really show you how to apply what you are learning.

Dan McCoy