Brittany Glynn, MA, Kinesiology

Why did you choose Fresno State? Brittany Glynn

I was admitted into a couple of graduate programs throughout California. I chose Fresno State versus the other institutions because of the graduate faculty in the Kinesiology department. I can remember vividly the phone conversation I had with Dr. Jenelle Gilbert. I called her (mind you I was two hours ahead because of the time-zone change) and it was around 5pm her time. I had already applied to the program, but I had some questions regarding opportunities for a teaching assistantships. She was just about to go home for the day, but she took the time to speak with me for about half an hour about my questions. Dr. Gilbert treated me like I was a person, not simply an application number. It was then that I decided I was going to attend Fresno State. She took the time to speak with me and treated me with respect and patience, which was exactly what I was looking for in the graduate faculty that I would be working with in the fall. Later, I was able to meet the other professors in the program, and every single one of them treat graduate students with the same respect and positive regard. I will stand by my opinion that this is the best masters program in Kinesiology, especially for Sport Psychology, in the nation because of the faculty here at Fresno State.

How are the students in your program?

I love them! I have found an amazing group of individuals who are just as passionate as I am to be in such a great program. We are part of the Sport Psychology Club, we are planning a Sport Psychology Conference to be held at Fresno State in February, and we participate in volunteer consulting experiences as well. Furthermore, I respect all of the students in our program. I am appreciative that there is such a diverse population of students in our program, specifically because this makes our classroom environment more meaningful and educational. I have learned so much because of the other students in my program. Finally, I have established a great network of colleagues within my program. I know, regardless of where I go once I graduate, I will always be in contact with some of the other students in this program because I consider them to be great colleagues- and great friends.

What are your plans after you finish your program?

I am currently applying to Ph.D. programs in the United States and Canada in the field of Sport Psychology. However, even after I graduate I will continue to be part of the professional groups affiliated with the Sport Psychology program, specifically the Association of Applied Sport Psychology. Ultimately, I hope to one day teach at a higher education institute and make a difference in the lives of other graduate students, just as the faculty have done for me here at Fresno State.

Brittany Glynn