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General Information

The Robert and Norma Craig Graduate Fellowships, with awards in amounts up to $1,000, are designed to provide benefits to both students and faculty. The fellowship seeks to increase research abilities by engaging students in mentored activities with faculty assistance. The maximum stipend is $1,000 (based on 100 hours @ $10/hr.), which will be allocated directly to the graduate student.

Purpose of the Award

The fellowship stipend must be used to foster student development through mentored activities such as providing research or instructional assistance or by conducting some faculty-assigned duties, thus freeing faculty members to proceed with the development of research, instruction, or other professional activities.

Eligibility Criteria

Faculty members must be tenured or tenure track, and have experience in working with graduate students to be eligible. Applications are jointly developed by the faculty member and the graduate student selected to conduct the fellowship assignment. The faculty mentor will be required to submit a final report of the mentored activities within one year following completion of the work by the student receiving support. Student must be at least conditionally classified, in good standing, and be making satisfactory progress toward their graduate degree. Students may receive this award only once.

Only one proposal per faculty member is eligible for funding. Projects with more than one student on the same project must submit one application listing all of the participating students.   In the event of an award, the amount will be shared between all of the students on the project.

Note: Proposals that seek funding exclusively for student degree requirements such as project 298 or thesis/dissertation 299 are not eligible for funding under this program. (See Graduate Student Research and Creative Activities Merit Award for alternative funding.)

Selection Criteria

The Robert and Norma Craig Graduate Fellowships are made by the graduate dean based upon the recommendation of a review committee approved by the University Graduate Committee. The chief considerations in determining whether a proposal submission will be awarded are:

  • Quality of the proposed planned activities;
  • Evidence of student interest and ability to conduct assigned tasks;
  • Evidence that student is making satisfactory progress toward the degree.

Support from the California State University, Fresno Division of Graduate Studies must be acknowledged in subsequent publications or presentations of the work.

Application Procedure

Applications are available by clicking here: [ Word document]

The application and all supporting documents must be submitted to the Division of Graduate Studies by the published deadline for full consideration.

Part I of the application is to be completed by the student; Part II, by the faculty member. Attach additional pages, if needed. Funds are awarded in the fall semester and need to be expended by May 18 of the following calendar year. Only one application per student/faculty member will be accepted.

Applicants will be notified of the graduate dean's decision by mail within approximately six weeks of the closing dates. Note: Applications that do not include all necessary supporting documents will be considered incomplete and will be disqualified.

For More Information

Should you have questions about this program or other graduate funding opportunities, please contact Louise Neal, Division of Graduate Studies, 559.278.2448 or

Message from the Dean

This fellowship in support of graduate students was established from the estate of Robert and Norma Craig. Although they did not aspire to become academic scholars, Mr. & Mrs. Craig shared a love of helping students. They placed a high value on mentoring and used their talents to help others. It was their desire that their legacy would include the establishment of special scholarship funds to assist graduate students to fulfill their potential and earn an advanced degree.

The Robert and Norma Craig Graduate Fellowships are designed to provide benefits to both graduate students and their faculty mentors.

I am delighted that we are able to make this significant award as part of our annual support for graduate students.

Sandra Witte, Dean
Division of Graduate Studies