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Background Information
Competitive Student Research and Creative Activities Support Awards, in an amount up to $1,000, are made in recognition of the special support and quality scholarship of graduate/doctoral student research and creative proposals associated with the thesis/dissertation* or project requirement. All awards are paid directly to the applicant.

Purpose of the Award
The purpose of this award is to encourage, support, and recognize graduate/doctoral student research and creative activities associated with the thesis/dissertation or project requirement. These awards are intended to expand the opportunity for students in any discipline to engage more fully in their work and thus achieve excellence for themselves, their programs, and the Division of Graduate Studies.

In addition, the process involved in submitting an application for this award is meant to be a valuable learning experience for graduate students who may later be required to submit similar applications as doctoral candidates or as professionals. Inclusion of this award on resumes has generally fostered additional recognition as a special honor.

Eligibility Criteria

As of the current semester, students must have met the following criteria:

  • enrolled as a California State University, Fresno graduate/doctoral student in good standing;
  • enrolled for thesis/dissertation 299 or project 298;
  • advanced to candidacy for the graduate degree;
  • maintain a minimum 3.0 average on the approved graduate program;
  • have completed courses in research techniques as required by the major department;
  • have secured a thesis/dissertation or project committee;
  • for the thesis/dissertation, have filed an official thesis/dissertation committee assignment form with the Division of Graduate Studies and received approval of the proposal by the thesis/dissertation committee;
  • satisfactorily meet the professional, personal, scholastic, and other standards for graduate/doctoral study.
  • students assigned to comprehensive exams as the culminating experience;
  • students who have already graduated and received their graduate degree;
  • previous recipients of the award

Selection Criteria 
Graduate Student Research and Creative Activities Support Awards are made by the graduate dean based upon the recommendation of a review committee approved by the University Graduate Committee. The chief considerations in determining whether a student's submission will be awarded are the support, clarity, and quality of the proposal. Because this award is given to recognize individual effort, joint student proposals will not be considered. Support from the California State University, Fresno Division of Graduate Studies must be acknowledged in subsequent publications or presentations of the work.

Application Process 
Applications are available by clicking here: [Word document]. Applications that do not follow the Application Guidelines and include all necessary supporting documents will be considered incomplete and will be disqualified. Applicants will be notified of the graduate dean's decision by mail, within approximately six weeks of the closing date.

For More Information
Should you have questions about this program or other graduate funding opportunities, please contact the Division of Graduate Studies, 559.278.2448.

Message from the Dean
In a world where advanced scholarship and research skills are increasingly critical in the arts, the sciences, government, industry, and the social sciences, California State University, Fresno is committed to helping our students achieve this competitive difference.

Since 1990, the Division of Graduate Studies has provided funds, in the form of Research Support Awards, to acknowledge the most promising avenues of graduate student scholarship on our campus. Previous award recipients, under the guidance of their faculty advisers, have produced an incredible array of work that is exciting, progressive, and insightful.

I would encourage others to follow their lead and apply for this competitive award.

James Marshall, Dean
Division of Graduate Studies