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Guidelines for Proposing a New Master's Degree Program, New Certificate of Advanced Study, and New Options are being reviewed. For information, contact Dr. Dianne Dickerson at 278-2448 or dianned.

New Master's or Doctoral Degree Program

Proposals are subjected to system-level internal and external evaluation, through which reviewers seek evidence indicating that current campus budgetary support levels provide sufficient resources to establish and maintain the program. Review criteria include: curriculum, financial support, number and qualification of faculty, physical facilities, library holdings, responsiveness to societal need and regional and workforce needs, academic assessment plans, and compliance with all applicable CSU policies, state laws, and accreditation standards.
Click here for more information and a master's program proposal template (MSWord document).
New doctoral program information: CSU Ed.D. Programs | UC-CSU Joint Doctoral Programs | Joint Doctorates with Independent Institutions (PDF document)