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Procedures/Guides, Calendars, and Coding

Calendar for Fall 2017

Sept 18              Dept. Assistants can begin requesting evaluation forms
Oct 20                Faculty to submit courses to Department Assistants
Oct 20                Deadline to submit courses to be evaluated online
Oct 23-27           FIF forms distributed to faculty
Nov 3                 Faculty submit completed FIF forms to Dept. Assistants
Nov 6 - Dec 4     Course evaluation period
Dec 14               Evaluations due to the  Senate Office


Calendar for Spring 2018

Feb 26             Faculty to submit their courses to Dept. Assistants
March 2           Deadline to submit online courses (NOT FLEXIBLE)
March 5-9        FIF Forms distributed to faculty
March 16         Faculty to submit completed FIF forms to Dept. Assistants
Apr 2 - May 4  Course evaluation period
May 23            Evaluations due to Senate Office (updated deadline effective 5/14/2018)


Presentation to Department Administrative Assistants - Fall 2014. here

How to complete the FIF - from the presentation on 9/8/2011 pdf

Guideline for Proctors - last updated fall 2011 pdf


Local Code Instructions: Used on Faculty Information Form pdf 

Disciplines: Complete listing on IDEA website pdf