Full RTP Review Forms

Full Review Form completed by the candidate

  • Cover Page/Title Page:   Word
  • Binder Spine:   Word
  • Access Log:   Word    PDF
  • WPAF File Checklist:  Word   PDF
  • Table of Contents Word   PDF
  • RTP Application:   PDF
  • Inventory Form:    Word
  • Probationary Plan Signature Page:  PDF
  • Department Chair Memo Sample Word
  • eWPAF Naming Convention for Files Word

Recommendation Forms provided by Dean or designee (section 4 of WPAF)

  • Retention Recommendation Form: PDF
  • Tenure and Promotion Form: PDF
  • Promotion Only Form: PDF

Probationary Plan Template - redesigned version Fall 2018: PDF

Redesigned to have: Table of contents, standard font and heading formats, moved purpose and history to beginning, added faculty information page, and appendix. 

Addition of materials after deadline (CBA 15)

Insertion of materials after the established deadline(s) set by the President each year is:
a) limited to materials that became accessible after the deadline,
b) subject to approval for insertion by the University Board on Retention, Tenure and Promotion (UBRTP). Faculty submitting additional materials must initially submit the request (at any time prior to the Provost’s decision) to the Office of Faculty Affairs for routing.

Following approval for insertion by UBRTP, material inserted in this fashion shall be returned to the initial evaluation committee for review, evaluation and comment before consideration at subsequent levels of review.

This provision does not affect requests for additional information or clarification from committees or administrators, recommendations, reasons, responses, etc., placed in the WPAF pursuant to university procedures in the normal course of the RTP process.