Forms & Procedures

Faculty 2017/2018 Salary Programs

Technical Letter HR/Salary 2017-13

New Range Elevation for Temporary Faculty
2017/18; 2018/19; 2019/20 

HR/Salary 2017-14 Technical Letter:  Describes calculation and implementation timelines.

APM 332 Policy on Range Elevation for Temporary Faculty

APM 322 Policy on the Assessment of Teaching Effectiveness

     Department Policies on Teaching Effectiveness - click here

Calculator to use with Range Elevation Report distributed with Fall Appointment notice.  Excel File

Department Chairs

See APM 125 Policy on Department Chairs

Optional Recommendation Form to use (PDF) last updated January 2017

Outside Employment Disclosure

Must be completed by all full-time faculty as follows (for additional information see Article 35):

  • If AY or 10-month and outside employment is > 160 hours per semester
    • Complete within 30 days of start of semester
    • Provide statement (form) to the Dean
  • If 12-month and outside employment is > 120 per three month period (quarters are Jan-Mar; Apr-Jun; Jul-Sept; Oct-Dec)
    • Complete by January 1, April 1, July 1, and October 1
    • Provide statement (form) to the Dean

FORMOutside Employment Disclosure Form (Appendix H of the CBA)