Resignation, Appointment Ending

Separation Notice Form

Retirement or Ending FERP

Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP) and Pre-retirement timebase reduction (PRTB)

Separation Checklist for Faculty member resigning, retiring, or ending FERP.

An electronic process for "checking out" from campus was initiated during the 2010-2011 academic year. The instruction page will walk you through the steps, and the checklist sheet gives you a description of items that may show on your list.

Resource Links

CalPERS Website

CalPERS guide and reference for CSU Retirement (pdf)

CSU Technical Letters on Post Retirement Employment (pdf):

CalSTRS Website

Article 29: Faculty Early Retirement Program

FAQs regarding FERP (pdf)

CalPers Retirement Calculation Formulas (pdf)

Sample Full Retirement Calculations (pdf)

Sample FERP Retirement Calculations (pdf)

Social Security Administration Website

University Emeriti Policy (pdf)

Sample Retirement Letters

Sample Retirement Letter (Word format)—contains model language to use in composing a personal letter to the President regarding your retirement.

Sample FERP Letter (Word format)—contains suggested language to use in composing a letter regarding entry into the Faculty Early Retirement Program (FERP).

Sample Letter Rescinding Earlier Letter Asking Entry into FERP (Word format)—use as a guide in composing a letter to the President rescinding an earlier letter asking for entry into FERP.