Retention, Tenure and Promotion
Forms and Instructions

Be sure to consult the Faculty Affairs Calendar for deadlines relating to Retention, Tenure and Promotion. Promotion and Tenure Bulletins are at this link.


  • APM 324 Policy on Probationary Plans and Faculty Mentoring
  • APM 324a Sample Probationary Plan - updated June 2013
  • APM 325 Policy on Retention and Tenure
  • APM 327 Policy on Promotion
  • APM 114 Policy on Faculty Consultation and Voting


  • 2016-2015 Calendar  PDF
  • 2015-2016 Calendar  PDF
  • 2014-2015 Calendar  PDF
  • 2013-2014 Calendar: PDF

Faculty Forms

  • Cover Page/Title Page - Last updated Fall 2015:Word
  • Binder Spine - Last updated Fall 2015: Word
  • Access Log - Last updated Fall 2015: Word   PDF
  • WPAF File Checklist - Last updated Fall 2015:  Word   PDF
  • Table of Contents - Last updated Fall 2015:  Word PDF
  • RTP Application - Last updated Fall 2016:  PDF
  • Inventory Form - Last updated Fall 2015:  Word
  • Probationary Plan Signature Page - Last updated Fall 2015:PDF

Department Forms

Sample Department Chair Memo: Word

  • Participate in committee or Independent recommendation
  • Certification of Peer Review Election

Recommendation Forms (Section 4 of WPAF)

  • Retention Recommendation Form: PDF
    last updated Fall 2013
  • Tenure and Promotion Form: PDF
    last updated Fall 2013
  • Promotion Only Form: PDF
    last updated Fall 2013

Off-Year Reviews for Probationary Faculty

Recommendation form for Off-Year Review of Probationary Faculty

  • Periodic Review Form (last updated Feb 2009) : Word | pdf

Documents are in pdf format unless otherwise noted. The latest version of Adobe Reader is recommended.

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