Pay Dates

Payroll is generated by the State Controllers Office (SCO) monthly.  Pay dates are generally at the beginning of the next month or end of the current month.  Click here for pay dates.

Academic Year faculty are paid on a twelve month cycle - six pay checks for each semester.  The general pay cycle is as follows (note pay is at the end of the month listed):

Fall - September, October, November, December, the last two pay checks are at the end of summer July, and August.  These last two pay checks may be ajusted if you worked at a different timebase from Fall to Spring.

Spring - January, February, March, April, May, June 

Required Employment Paperwork

As an employer, we are required to complete several forms prior to your employment.  The Federal government requires the form I-9 Section 1 to be completed prior to or on your first day of employment.  In addition, we are required to verify your social security number, and your withholding status.  Please help us comply with Federal Regulations and complete your paperwork in a timely manner.

Salary Programs

Salary programs available to faculty pursuant to collective bargaining.