Payroll and Application

  • Faculty Employment Application (SC1)
    Tenure Track candidates should use eRecruit
  • Teaching Associate / Graduate Assistant Employment Application

    New and Returning Employment Paperwork required

    To complete the new employment process - bring your original Social Security Card for SCO verification and documents required for the Employment Eligibility Verification form (possible documents are listed on the form). If you have questions, please contact the Office of Faculty Affairs at 559-278-3027.
  • New Employees: Complete items 1-13 (#2 is optional)
  • Returning Employees: Complete items 1,4,5,10, 11a, 11b,12,and 13.
  • Forms and Brochures pertaining to employment and benefits.
  Form Name and link Purpose Owner Form ID
1 Employee Action Request Form (EAR) All new employees and changes in Name/Address/Witholding State Controller Form 686
2 Direct Deposit Form New employees and changes to direct deposit State Controller Form 699
3 Employee Information All new employees Faculty Affairs July 2010
4 Employee Information regarding race and national origin All new employees (voluntary form) Faculty Affairs  and CO July 2010
5 I-9: Employment Eligibility Verification All new employees and employees with 3 semesters break in service.  Must use form dated 3/8/2013. USCIS Form
6 Oath of Allegiance & Declaration of Permission to Work All new emlpoyees State Controller Form 689
  Questions and Answers A website that addresses common questions about the Oath of Allegiance CSU  
7 Drug Free Workplace All new employees Faculty Affairs July 2010
8 Request for Nondisclosure of Employee Home Address All new employees and any employee requesting a change State Controller STD 677
9 Designation of Persons Authorized to Receive Warrant All new employees and any employee requesting a change (GC 12479) State Controller STD 243
10 Statement Concerning Employment not covered by Social Security Who needs to sign this statement:
- - student employees exempt from paying social security taxes;
- - if you are exempt from paying social security taxes due to non-resident alien tax status; or
- - if you are a Lecturer who participates in a defined contribution plan in lieu of Social Security.
CSU SSA-1945
11a CalPERS Member Reciprocal Self-Certification Form All new hires or newly eligible CalPERS members. To assist the emploer in determining wheter you are considered anew member or a classic member under PEPRA. CalPERS PERS-CASD-801 (12/12)
11b Fresno State - HR/Benefits Retirement Formula Assignment Worksheet All new hires or newly eligible CalPERS members.  To determine which CalPERS Benefits Formula you will be enrolled in.   Fresno State 09/2013
12 Voluntary Self-Identification of Disability All employees.  Because we do business with the government, we must reach out to, hire, and provide equal opportunity to qualified people with disabilities. We are asking you to voluntarily tell us if you have a disability or if you ever had a disability. CSU 03/2014
13 Veteran Status Self- Identification All New Employees CSU 03/2014

  Information and online brochures Purpose Owner Form ID
A PST Fact Sheet for Temporary Faculty not enrolled in CalPERS retirement  State of California Savings Plus Program - Part-time, Seasonal, Temporary (PST) Retirement Plan Information and Refund process  CSU DC-3753-7/02
B Employee Rights and Responsibilities under Family Medical Leave Act All employees WHD Pub 1420
C Drug Free Workplace Brochure All employees Human Resources MAPP G-15
D Workers Compensation All employees Human Resources  
E Privacy Notice (HIPPA) All employees CSU HR2011-07
F Federal Form W-4 For caculating withholding IRS W4 2010
G Campus Map   University Comm. 2010
H Sexual Harassment Brochure All employees DFEH DFEH-185