Faculty Search & Appointment

Policies and Procedures

Please refer to the relevant personnel sections within the Academic Policy Manual (APM). Searches for 2009-2010 will be opened and processed through e-Recruit, please call Academic Personnel to schedule training for your search committee and deparatment.

Faculty recruitment guidelines, procedures and forms relating to funding, interview expenses and moving allowances are available from Academic Resources.

Search Forms

  • Vacancy Announcement Request for a Tenure Track Position - use eRecruit from MyFresnoState.edu.   Call for assistance: 278-3027.
  • Candidate Evaluation Rubric Form (Excel) New for 2012-203  For a sample form see:  Sample Candidate Evaluation Rubric   Last Updated: 8/27/2012
  • On-Campus Visit Authorization for Tenure Track Faculty Recruitments   Last Updated:  October 2013
  • Reference Check Confirmation Form
    Last Updated: 2/25/2003
  • Full-Time Faculty Nomination Form and EEO Summary
    Last Updated: 1/11/2010

Search Resources