Academic Personnel Website Redesign

As of: April 22, 2007

Open Items Report
This document will be updated as items/issues are addressed.

Items will be posted in descending order.

Knowledge Transfer Document

This word document shows the redirects that were put in place when the website was launched. These pages should be deleted sometime prior to Fall 2007.

Website Link
(2/2/07) Website redesign is complete, including styles and insertion of current content. Please review for possible corrections and designate a launch timeframe.

Website Link
The unstyled website, based upon the outlines and flowchart. Please review the Open Items Report for items to issues to consider prior to moving forward.

Graphical Layout

Home page layout
The layout is one large image (not a functional web page). The actual page text, graphics, etc., would be much clearer.

Project Planning Documents

Flowchart VI (10/18/06)pdf format
Although not diagrammed, the assumption is that additional pages will be created beneath APM, Faculty Handbook, and possibly others.

Planning Outline with APS edits (10/10/06)Word format
Outlines preliminary information design

Planning Outline (8/25/06) Word format
First version ... use as a guide to begin information design

Initial Meeting (8/7/06) word format


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