Grants and Research Advisory Board (GRAB)

GRAB Accepted Recommendations

  1. Each Dean will work with the Office of Research and Sponsored Programs to develop a plan for their school and college, with goals for increasing grant and contract activity and indirect cost recovery.
  2. Each Dean will develop a college/school policy on the internal distribution of indirect cost recovery that is dedicated to expanding future grant and contract activity.
  3. The Associate VP for Research will work with Deans to develop the aforementioned plans and to augment initial job offers with funding to assist in establishing new faculty research agendas.
  4. The members of GRAB will produce a new Principal Investigators' Handbook and distribute it widely.
  5. The members of GRAB will offer School/College meetings on grant and contract activity again in 2006-2007.
  6. GRAB will consider organizing a conference in spring 2006 on grant and contract opportunities and invite granting agencies to attend/convene breakout sessions.
  7. TILT/CSALT will host three to four Brown Bag Discussions on "How I Got the Grant" to be offered by successful PIs.
  8. The Office of Research and Sponsored Programs will add another grants administrator to address volume of applications and to allow the Associate Vice President time to pursue new grant and research activity.
  9. GRAB will analyze post award practices to ensure that 100% of funding for grants received are expended.

Membership List


William A. Covino
Provost & Vice President for Academic Affairs 

Cindy Matson 
Vice President for Administration 

Thomas McClanahan, Associate Vice President
Research & Sponsored Programs

Sharon Brown Welty, Dean
Graduate Studies

Dennis Nef, Associate Vice President
Academic Programs and Resources
Dean of Undergraduate Studies

Keith Kompsi, Director
Foundation Financial Services 

Two Academic Deans 

Susan Elrod, Dean
College of Science and Mathematics

Charles Boyer, Dean
Jordan College Agricultural Sciences and Technology 

Two Faculty Members (Appointed by Senate)

John Capitman
Professor, Department of Health Science
Central California Health Policy Institute 

Tamas Forgacs, Professor,
Department of Mathematics

One Member from Student Affairs


Two Faculty Members (Appointed by Provost)

James Marshall, Associate Dean
Kremen School of Education and Human Development 

Sean Fulop, Professor
Department of Linguistics

One At-Large Member

Jim Prince, Interim Associate Dean
College of Science and Mathematics

Support Staff

Doug Carey (Minutes), Grants Administrator                               
Research and Sponsored Programs

Maral Kismetian (Scheduling),Administrative Analyst
Research and Sponsored Programs

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