Types of Portfolios


A course portfolio will be created as part of an academic course.  Not all courses will requires such a portfolio but for those which do, this will be a way to store and share assignments for evaluation and receive feedback from your instructor. You will access course ePortfolios through your Blackboard account and will be able to complete assignments within Blackboard or by going to Pathbrite.com. If your faculty member grades your entries, the grade will go directly into the Blackboard grade book


You may be asked to create several assessment ePortfolios during your academic career.  The University requires a University Learning Outcome ePortfolio in which you will demonstrate achievement of general education learning outcomes. Your major may also require an ePortfolio in which you will demonstrate knowledge,  competencies and skills gained in your major.  University faculty will use these to evaluate competency as defined by university and program standards and outcomes.


An ePortfolio may also be used to showcase your accomplishments for friends, family, and the world.   Created primarily for your own reference as a way to store work in a central space and organize or reflect on experiences. You can link these to your Facebook, Twitter or other social media accounts for easy access.


Created with the explicit goal of sharing with potential graduates schools or prospective employers in the interview or hiring process. This type of portfolio can be joined to your LinkedIn account.