Types of Portfolios

Archive/Comprehensive: Created primarily for the for the ePortfolio owner’s reference as a way to store work in a central space and organize or reflect on experiences. This can include work from personal, professional, and academic dimensions of one’s life and can serve as a holistic space for reflection and meaning-making in addition to archiving and storage.

Course/Learning: Created by a student in response to your request.  as part of an academic course as a way to store and share assignments for evaluation and receive feedback from an instructor.

Assessment: Created by your program/department to demonstrate how well your students are obtaining, mastering, demonstrating competencies and skills in well-defined areas.  The primary purpose is to evaluate competency as defined by program standards and outcomes.

Professional/Showcase: Created with the explicit goal of sharing with professional colleagues or assembling the best work of your students in one place.

Retention/Tenure/Promotion: Created to archive all of the materials you use in your RTP process.