California State University, Fresno has recently adopted a cloud based ePortfolio system from Pathbrite. From a faculty member’s perspective, an ePortfolio (electronic portfolio) can be an electronic collection of your student's work. An ePortfolio may include submitted assignments, course papers and projects in a variety of formats, independent research projects, and reflections on those submissions.  Students can use their ePortfolio to: collect and share their work with you, as a tool for inviting collaboration and feedback, as a professional portfolio to share with graduate schools and  prospective employers, and as a record of their academic progress.

ePortfolios can foster and provide evidence of student learning across all curricular, co-curricular, and institution-wide outcomes. ePortfolios enhance learning and provide opportunities for assessment of learning in the following ways:

  • Represent multiple learning styles, modes of accomplishment, and quality of work accomplished by students
  • Provide structure around clear expectations and articulated goals
  • Offer the potential for progressive formative assessments that foster improvement while learning is still in process
  • Encourage reflection on learning as well as personal goal-setting and future planning
  • Facilitate program and institutional review through sampling and aggregation of data from individual student portfolios    [Adapted from]