ePortfolios for Assessment

ePortfolios can be a powerful tool for assessment and evaluation. By establishing a set of criteria and evidence associated with an assignment, a student can use an eportfolio to meet requirements you set in class.  Additionally, as a department, faculty can  measure what concepts students have mastered and where they are falling short of departmental standards. ePortfolios can be used to document growth over a student’s course of study as well as a means to evaluate a program for accreditation and/or program review. 

Some of the advantages of using ePortfolio for assessment include:

  • students can select what they feel is their best representative work
  • student work can take many forms
  • students can receive feedback in other media based on an rubrics,
  • students reflect on their learning,
  • non-curricular activities and other events that impact a student’s learning experience can be included
  • work is readily accessible and easily stored over time.